Originally a relatively neutral but clean modern house set on 20 acres of rolling New Jersey meadow, the house is dramatically transformed into a free plan with a series of sculptural elements. The 7000 sq ft house is designed as both exhibition space for an extensive important private collection of American Crafts ceramics and baskets as well as a home for a middle aged couple. Form: The cabinetry form walls that articulate and subdivide a series of living spaces. This cabinetry, the primary piece being a sculpture in the round articulating the large central space 10' tall and 30' in length, are composed of niches and shelves which display an extraordinary collection of Native American Indian Baskets and Textiles as well as American Crafts ceramics and baskets. The materials are primarily wood sheathed in color core, glass and stone. All lighting is indirect with several pin spots to highlight the salient pieces of the collection. The language are inspired by my interest in de Stijl, neo-Plasticism and Suprematism. Although built by a cabinetmaker these pieces deliberately inhabit an ambiguous zone between cabinetry, wall and sculpture. Function: The collection, besides being displayed in a series of architectural niches is also wall hung, carefully choreographed to correspond to the remaining collection. The cabinetry also serves to conceal the more mundane aspects of the museological experience such as kitchen appliances, televisions, storage, lighting.