“Recline to dine by design”

Based on a book by Bernard Rudolfsky:
"The name derives from the ancient custom of reclining to dine, something very familiar to biblical scholars and ancient artists, but completely lost in Medieval and Renaissance depictions of the Last Supper.”

1 it’s about healthier and more natural posture for digestion- to recline while dining.
2 it’s a commentary about contemporary dining in the u.s.: people dine at a dining table less and more so on a sofa watching tv and tweeting.
3 it’s about what I find to be unique pieces in DDC’S collection

The “sofa” is a modern day interpretation of the triclinium sofas, which during roman times were commonly used for dining. Often men were reclining on their left sides while women were seated.The “tree branch” fixture refers to the grape vines. The metallic fabric on the side walls and metal rug refer to the metal threads used in roman clothing. Part vignette, part performance piece, I am planning on having models eat grapes while reclining. Proof that it’s healthier to recline and dine.